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Personal Contacts

Current and previous addresses, home phone, cell number, email address, relatives, family members, associates, neighbors, friends, classmates, social network profiles and other points of contact.

Personal Records

Background records, birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, property records, income and assets, court records, criminal records, arrest records, warrants, prison records and more.

  • Dos – Permitted Uses

    Verify potential roommates Research a potential roommate before committing to a lease and moving in with them.
  • Don’ts – Prohibited Uses

    Steal an identity Identity theft is a serious crime and has serious consequences.
  • Dos – Permitted Uses

    Find a first love Use the site to find and reconnect with a love from the past.
  • Don’ts – Prohibited Uses

    Screen employees You cannot use the site for any kind of employment screenings.
  • Dos – Permitted Uses

    Check yourself out Research your own personal records; it is good to know what information is out there for a peace of mind.
  • Don’ts – Prohibited Uses

    Stalk or spy on people Don’t stalk or contact other people against their wishes. Respect privacy of other people.


Personal records are created each and every time you do any of the following: open a new account; join a new group; change your address, phone number or email; join a social network; or get married or divorced. They are also formed when you have any type of official interaction with local law enforcement agencies and offices, such as in the event of an arrest, issuing of a warrant or becoming party to a legal court case. These documents contain very personal information such as your name, address and other contact information, criminal history and financial details, marital status and even information regarding your family members that complete strangers may now access with the click of a mouse.

These details about your personal life and contacts are included in public records, and you may conduct a search in your name to determine what information can be found by strangers and acquaintances searching your name. Although the information is found in public documents, you may determine where they are stored and request that they be redacted from public viewing in many cases. However, this is impossible without first knowing what this information is and where it is stored.

Your Personal Contact Information

Each time you create a profile or become a member of an online community, an imprint is made on the Internet that can be found for even years to come. Without removing or requesting this information be kept private, virtually anyone can find it by using only your name. These details are stored when you voluntarily provide them to join social networking sites, establish a listing through a business or personal directory, or create an account through other public sites online.

Family Information

Did you know that others can also learn about your immediate and extended family by searching your name online? In addition to viewing your own personal information, they can find the same for your parents, children, siblings and even your spouse. These personal details for your relatives are often gleaned from public tax and census information, addresses and any information recorded through online accounts and surveys. Our state of the search engine collects all that information and compiles it into report for your convenience.

Classmate and School Information

Although your actual school records may not be accessed publicly, details regarding where you attended, what years and even your classmates' identities can be accessed. Online sites which reunite classmates gather this information in order to connect you with each other, but it can also then be accessed by complete strangers, so it is important to see what information is out there for everyone to see. Our state of the art search system collects all that information and compiles it into report for your convenience.

Social Network Information

Almost everyone who uses a computer and Internet belongs to a social network online, and this is quickly becoming the easiest and preferred way to stay in contact with friends, family and other loved ones. However, constant status updates, comments and other activity on the network site are always recorded. Personal biographies, contact details, work information, marital status and even your pictures and friends in your network can all be viewed if they are not properly protected.

Personal Background Records

In addition to personal information found in accounts and identities you are currently using online, people can search for any and all existing records from your past. These records can reveal information about your birth, marriage and divorce, property, income and other assets, criminal records and even court records. Nowadays it is very easy to find out everything about a person’s past by just a click of a mouse so people are getting more and more concerned about their reputation online.

Vital Records

Vital records can be searched by outside parties using only your name and city or state where the event occurred. Although the details which will be revealed can vary from state to state, the general public can almost always confirm marital status and dates of marriage and/or divorce, as well as that of birth and death. Additional details regarding occupations, addresses and even witness identities can also be obtained from these records.

Court Records

Court records are in relation to either civil or criminal cases. If you are ever party to a court case of any kind, the public may be able to view your attorney's information, the date(s) of any court hearings, charges and case details, pleas entered and even judgment and sentencing information. Without requesting these be kept private by the administering public office, this information can always be accessed by anyone searching for more details about your personal background.

Criminal Records

Criminal records can include not only court records from misdemeanor or felony case proceedings, but also arrest and warrant information from your past. This means that even if you were arrested but were not convicted, someone can find this information. Details included in these records can include sentencing details, probationary information, dates of crimes committed and charges filed, details of charges and circumstances surrounding an arrest or warrant issue, and even subsequent case outcomes.

Income and Asset Records

Your income and property holdings are considered private matters, but are actually public record. Although income taxes are not accessible by the public without proper consent, census information can still place you within a category of specific earners, giving outsiders a chance to see approximately how much you make in a year. Property taxes can often be looked up through local offices, including online portals. This means that other people can see the property you own and what its value is, how much you pay in taxes on an annual basis and even how long you've owned it.

This site contains REAL personal records; criminal/arrest, marriage/divorce, birth/death records, address history, phone numbers, cases of lawsuits, bankruptcies, liens and other court records. This is not your average background check web site; results here will reveal mouthwatering information that will blow your mind.

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