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Name: Adele M Giabbai

City: Falmouth

State: Massachusetts

Gender: Female

Age: 65 and older

Household Members: Available

Residence Types: Single family dwelling

Home Age: 56 years plus

Home Value: $200,000 to $249,999

Estimated Income: $101,000 to $200,000

Homeownership: Home Owner

Length of Residence: 26 to 30 years

Mortgage Details: 31 to 35 years, Unknown, Unknown, 0.00 to 0.00, Unknown

Interests & Hobbies: Cat Owner, Outdoor/Gardening, Pet Owner, Electronics, Health/Fitness, Books & Music, Outdoor/Recreational, Entertainment/Travel, Magazines, Apparel, Childrens Items Buyers, Mail Order Indicator, Any Donor, Environmental, Health, Religious, Political

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